Information submitted

VAN WERT - Van Wert County Chapter, American Red Cross sponsored a bloodmobile on Sept. 28 at Trinity Friends Life Center.

Canteen sponsor: Vantage Culinary

Collection results:

Donors Presenting: 223

Deferrals: 27

Productive Units: 161 Double Reds: 21

Volunteer workers:

Chairman of the Day: Ruth Noggle

Registration Table: Gloria Cowell, Annette Hirn, Vantage Culinary, Gregg Spry

Observer: Nancy Friemoth

Canteen Workers: Doris Kundert, Nancy Friemoth, Amy Spry, Vantage Culinary

Multi gallon donors: 1 gallon: Jacob Enyart, Annette Balyeat, Misti Cooper, 2 gallons: Sue Harting, 4 gallons: Connie White, 7 gallons: Floyd Meyer, Mike Cross, 8 gallons: Ruth Hill, Bob Tomkins, 13 gallons: William Baxter.

First time donors: Chasity Suduth, Benji Grant, Erica Buckner