Information submitted

MIDDLE POINT - The Van Wert County Chapter, American Red Cross held a bloodmobile Nov. 20 at Lincolnview Elementary School.

Canteen Sponsor: Nancy Friemoth

Collection Results

Donors Presenting: 30

Deferrals: 1

Quantity not sufficient: 1

Productive Units: 28

Volunteer Workers

Chairman of the Day: Nancy Friemoth

Registration Table: Cheryl Howell, Kinsey Dobbelaere, Dave Kinkle, Nicole Early

Observer: Diane Stewart

Canteen Workers: Brad Doidge, Ed Brazen, Stephanie Renner

Multi-gallon donors: Londa Kraft - 1 gallon, Stoney Beair - 3 gallons.

First time donor: Amanda Drennan, Kristina Hoghe, Nicole Kremer, Tamera Corzine