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VAN WERT - The regular October meeting of your Van Wert County Heart Land Patriots will feature Chris Long, president of the Ohio Christian Alliance as guest speaker. The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9, in the Youth Room at the Family Life Center of Trinity Friends Church, 605 North Franklin Street in Van Wert.

Long, a former Baptist pastor of Medina, Ohio, has led the OCA for many years. He has been responsible for shepherding important educational legislation through the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate, and in March of 2012 he was honored with one such bill being signed into law by Governor John Kasich. Rev. Long has also worked with veterans groups to get the last words of FDR's message to the citizens of the United States following his announcement of our declaring war against Japan following the Pearl Harbor attack. His last words, "God help us" have been left off the WWII Memorial in Washington DC, and he and several veteran's groups have petitioned the President and Congress to have them engraved on the Memorial to give a complete picture of the President's and all Americans' trust and reliance on our Creator God during that crucial time.

He will also be sharing other efforts he is assisting or spearheading to restore evidences of God and Christian influences in America's past. Further, the Ohio Christian Alliance regularly prepares voter guides to assist conscientious citizens who desire to be well-educated as they enter the voting booth. These guides have been prepared to pass muster for distribution through any IRS 501 C3 organization and churches. Long will be bringing cases of the voter guides to be distributed throughout Northwest Ohio.

The Heart Land Patriots will be alerting area pastors to attend this important meeting, or to at least send representatives from their churches to pick up voter guides for their congregations. Further information on this important pre-election meeting is available by phoning Rev. Keith Stoller, (419) 968-2869.