Information submitted

VAN WERT - The Van Wert Municipal Court has released the activity report for the month of September, 2012.

There were a total of 591 cases for the month as follows: 459 Traffic cases, 71 criminal cases; and 61 civil cases. The Court performed 2 weddings. Fines and costs in the amount of $77,793.83 were distributed to government agencies by the Municipal Court as follows: $24,698.00 to the State of Ohio $41,603.03 to the City of Van Wert; $10,296.70 to the County of Van Wert; $95 to the Van Wert Sheriff's Dept.; $23 to Crime Stoppers; $25 to the Village of Convoy; $40 to the Tax Department and $1,013.10 to Capital Recovery.

The above disbursements include $1,571.00 to Legal Aid, $3,375 to Victims of Crime and $2,408 to Computerization. The total amount collected in back fines from Capital Recovery for the year is $16,417.85. The Court's Supervision Fund brought in $2,301.50 for September for a total of $22,549.00 for the year.

Monies collected for judgment creditors by garnishment for the month totaled $14,938.04. The nature of the offense and the arresting authority are factors which affect the distribution of the fines.

The charging authorities were: Traffic cases: Driving under the influence (16); State patrol 7; and SVW 9. General Traffic (443) OSP 337; Van Wert Police 96; Village 2; and Sheriff 8.

Criminal charges (71): City Police 42; Ohio State Patrol 6; Sheriff 20; and Delphos 3. The following information has been submitted to the Judge from the probation department for the month of September.

Number of persons off probation: 44

Total intakes for probation: 25

Total office visits: 60

Total home visits: 5

Total drug tests administered: 10

Total number of persons on probation 450

Total persons arrested by probation: 7

Total community service hours completed: 63

Number placed on electronic house arrest: 8