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PAULDING - The Paulding Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to announce officially that it will run one of Northwest Ohio's favorite attractions - The Flat Rock Creek Festival in 2013. Executive director of the Paulding Chamber, Erika Willitzer says the Paulding Chamber has no plans of changing the integrity of the Festival at all. "Why fix something that has been so successful and given so much back to our community, stated Willitzer." She also went onto say she has big shoes to fill, replacing Bill and Patty Vance of Paulding.

Bill and Patty Vance started the Flat Rock Creek Festival over 21 years ago. It began as a small show but grew into a one of Ohio's premiere agriculture festivals. Over two decades, hundreds of non profit organizations have benefited from selling their goods during the festival. There are also countless stories of how those non profits used the money for good works in and around Paulding County. In addition, this festival has hundreds of exhibitors, educating the public on how farming once use to be.

Willitzer says Founders Bill and Patty Vance should be commended for their contributions to Paulding County.

"I shadowed the Vance's this past Flat Rock Creek Festival and discovered what a warm connection they have with the vendors that sell goods during the fall festival. It didn't stop there either. I heard countless stories of how the money raised at Flat Rock helps those less fortunate or in need of a particular service. It's truly remarkable how many people have been helped by this festival and it's all thanks to Bill and Patty Vance for making it happen, all these years."

The Paulding Chamber officially took over the responsibilities Dec. 4, 2012. The Chamber has already started planning for 2013. The date for Flat Rock Creek Festival is Sept. 20, 21, 22. For more details on the festival feel free to contact Erika Willitzer at (419) 399-5215. You can also visit our website at