Information submitted

The following pets are available for adoption through The Animal Protective League:

Cats: F, 4 yrs, shots, dew clawed, fixed, gray tiger, name Rosey

Kittens: M, F, 7 months, tiger-gray and black

F, 12 weeks, gray tiger, long hair

F, 12 weeks, tabby, gray and M, 12 weeks, wormed, black with white feet and belly

M, F, 6 months, angora, gray striped

M, F, 7 weeks, calico, gray

M, 3 yrs, shots, neutered, yellow, black and white, name Buttercup and Rexy

Dogs: Pit Bull, F, 5 yrs, fawn, name Cocoa

Jack Russell Papillon, F, 8 yrs, spayed, black and white, name Sally

Jack Russell, F, 4 yrs, black and tan, docked tail, name Lily Perinese Lab, M, 3 1/2 yrs,blonde, shots, name Carson

Lab Beagle Dalmation, M, 3 yrs, fixed, shots white with black spots, name Casper

Shepherd Mix, F, 3 yrs, black and brown, name Bella

Puppies: Mix, M, F, 6 weeks, brown and white, cream and white, medium size

For more information on these pets or if you are in need of finding a home for your pet contact The Animal Protective League from 9-5 weekdays at (419) 749-2976. If you are looking for a pet not listed call to be put on a waiting list in case something becomes available. Donations or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321, Van Wert, Ohio, 45891. Free Obedience Training Classes started Feb. 23. If interested call Donna at (419) 234-4591