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VAN WERT - On Sunday, Jan. 27 at 4 p.m. at Trinity Friends Church (605 N. Franklin St. Van Wert, Ohio) the Pregnancy Life Center will hold its annual Sanctity of Life Fundraiser. This year the PLC is pleased to welcome International Pro-Life Speaker and Family Law Attorney Rebecca Kiessling as the featured guest speaker. There will also be a brief testimony from a local woman, Monica Kelsey, who shares a similar testimony as Rebecca's.

Rebecca Kiessling is a Family Law attorney, adoptee, home school adoptive mother of five with three biological children and delivers a powerful presentation of her own life story, "Conceived in Rape." Additionally, Rebecca was recently featured in Gov. Mike Huckabee's film, "The Gift of Live" and was named national spokesperson for Personhood USA.

As a family law attorney, Rebecca Kiessling litigated numerous high-profile (pro bono) cases, fighting for women's rights as well as the rights of unborn children. Rebecca has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN's Talk Back Live, CBS News, Canada's 100 Huntley Street and EWTN's Life on the Rock.

Her story has been featured on the program Extra, in Glamour Magazine and in Marie Claire Magazine. She is the "poster child" for Feminists for Life's poster "Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?," and the author of Heritage House '76's pamphlet, "Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope."

Rebecca was also instrumental this past year in changing Gov. Rick Perry's view on abortion. As shown on Mike Huckabee's show on Fox News, Rebecca was adopted nearly from birth and, like many adoptees, struggled with issues of value, identity and purpose. Having been raised Jewish, yet knowing she lacked a "Jewish pedigree," she wanted to find her own roots and discover where she fit into this world and God's plan.

With a bi-polar mother and a brother in and out of prison, she figured she must come from something better. However, at age 18, Rebecca was devastated to learn that she instead came from something considerably worse - she was conceived out of brutal rape at knife point by a serial rapist.

Nevertheless, Rebecca Kiessling enjoyed a tearful reunion with her birth mother. A month later, Rebecca faced another emotional setback when told that had abortions been legal in Michigan at the time she was in her mother's womb, her birth mother would have aborted her. In fact, Rebecca was twice nearly aborted at the hands of back-alley abortionists. She is thankful to pro-life advocates who, without even knowing of her existence, recognized that hers was a life worth saving, and made sure abortion was illegal in Michigan at the time.

While Rebecca candidly shares her struggles in resulting blows to her self-esteem and abusive relationships, her story concludes with a strong message of hope since she now understands that her value and identity are not established as a "product of rape" but a child of God, and that the rapist is not her creator (as some would have her believe). Overcoming the pain of knowing that she was born as a result of a brutal rape, that she was once unwanted by her birth mother, and that our nation is filled with people who believe that she was disposable, Rebecca Kiessling has devoted herself to fighting for the rights of the innocent unborn and to raising her five children to know their own value, identity and purpose in Christ.

Monica Kelsey was adopted at birth and at the age of 37 discovered that she was conceived when her birth mother was violently raped. Because the law regarding abortion in 1972 still valued life - her life - Monica's birth mother did not abort her, but rather chose life in the midst of her own struggles. Monica's birth mother gave her the gift of life and an amazing family.

Struggling with identity issues, Monica has learned to overcome the question of why and replaced it with how. How can she take this gift of life that she has been given and make a difference? She has discovered that the answer is simple: follow the path that God has laid out for her, even before her conception. Her life has been on a path from the start and she has decided to shawre her life story and struggles to be able to help others. Monica's story will reveal to you that her life has purpose and she is alive for a reason and not just by chance. Her story also carries the message that ALL life has value and purpose, no matter the circumstances around and during conception.

As always, this event will be free with a love offering to benefit the Pregnancy Life Center. One hundred percent of the funds collected that night will go straight to the PLC, as a generous giver in the community has already made a donation to cover the cost of Rebecca's speaking fee. The PLC is a non-profit organization that operates on local giving and fundraising.

The PLC exists as a pro-life crisis pregnancy center that provides free material, emotional, spiritual and educational support to pregnant women and mom's with a child under the age of two. The PLC also has a Teen Support Program which meets the special needs of pregnant teens by taking their services to the teen at their home school. This program also offers an all female abstinence based, self-esteem group called P.I.N.K. (purity, integrity, new ideas, and knowledge) in all of the local middle schools.

If you are interested in learning more about the center or to learn how to financially support the PLC please visit the website at or "like us" on facebook. We hope you will plan on being a part of this special evening. By attending you are not only supporting the PLC, but the basic right and value of human life.