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VAN WERT - St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School is accepting registrations for the 2013-2014 kindergarten class. Registration will continue until the class is filled. A child should reach age 5 by Aug. 1, 2013, for kindergarten eligibility.

Kindergarten at St. Mary's serves as a "gateway" to a child's educational future; here children continue their development in a loving, Christ-centered environment. Children are encouraged to utilize their imagination and creativity on a daily basis as they explore language arts, social studies, math, science and religion. Self-confidence is gained and social skills are developed through sharing and story-telling experiences. Children gain an understanding of socially appropriate behaviors and demonstrate respect for others.

Children learn to form letters, identify words and construct sentences. Age appropriate reading fluency is achieved. Math and science concepts are introduced through a variety of hands-on projects and games. Christian principals and Bible stories are incorporated into everyday experiences. St. Mary's is the only Christian school in Van Wert County offering a kindergarten class. St. Mary's School follows the teachings of the Catholic Church and is open to children of all faiths. Kindergarten students attend school all day, every day

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School is located at 611 Jennings Road, Van Wert, Ohio. The phone number is (419) 238-5186; the parish website is . Kindergarten registration forms are available at the school office and on-line. Please present your child's official birth certificate, Social Security card, and immunization record when registering. The school invites and encourages you to "come and see." A personal tour of our facilities can be arranged by calling the school office. Therese Tate is kindergarten teacher; Dave Mathew is principal-minister and Fr. Stan Szybka is pastor-superintendent.