VAN WERT — The Van Wert Soil and Water Conservation District has begun taking orders for tree seedlings. The seedlings are available in packets of 10 at a minimal cost. Orders will be accepted until March 17.

The following seedling species are available: American Arborvitae, Austrian Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, American Cranberry, Black Cherry, Common Lilac, Pin Oak, Pond Cypress, Red Bud, Redosier Dogwwod, Sugar Maple, Sweet Gum.

Special assorted packets that are available are Homeowner Packet which consists of two of the following: Colorado Blue Spruce, Red Bud, Common Lilac, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak.

Three seed packets are available. They include: Wildflower Seed, Hummingbird Seed, and Bird and Butterfly Seed. The 1 oz. Wildflower Seed contains 10-12 different annual and 10-12 different perennial species adapted for this area will cover 250 sq. ft. Half oz. Hummingbird Seed contains four - six different annual and four - six different perennial varieties will cover 150 sq. ft. The 1 oz. Bird and Butterfly Seed contains seven - nine different annual and seven - nine different perennial varieties will cover 250 sq. ft.

This program is open to the public. Order forms are available in the SWCD office, 1185 Professional Drive, Van Wert, on the website at: or by calling 419-238-9591. Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 17. The delivery date is mid April. Payment (cash/check) is required when placing the order.