Eva Yarger
Eva Yarger

DHI Media Staff Writer


VAN WERT – Eva Yarger hopes to do the best job she possibly can as Van Wert County’s new prosecutor.

Yarger was elected the new county prosecutor during the Nov. 8, 2016, election, but with nearly 20 years as assistant county prosecutor, Yarger has all the experience she needs and she is more than ready for the position.

“I wanted to be the one in charge, to have it all go according to my vision,” said Yarger. “I’d like to see everything be modernized and get more into computers and make things paperless.”

Yarger has many plans for her new role but most importantly she wants community members to know that she has their best interests in mind.

“I think I can do a good job for the agencies and citizens in Van Wert County,” said Yarger. “I’m looking at what is in the best interests of the victims and of the county.”

Born in Van Wert, Yarger graduated from Elida High School and moved to Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, with minors in English and economics. She earned her law degree from Arizona State in 1989 and then moved back to Van Wert after receiving her first position in law.

Now an attorney with over 25 years experience, Yarger is partnered with Robert C. Young in the firm of Young and Yarger. She has much experience in court cases and with Van Wert.

Yarger stated that typically the court cases she sees a lot in Van Wert County are drug-related cases.

“We see drug cases and all the cases involved in that – people stealing things to support their drug [habit],” said Yarger “There is currently a death penalty case pending that is going to take up a big part of my time.”

The county prosecutor represents all of the county agencies and is also the prosecuting attorney for all the felony-criminal cases. The prosecutor’s job is to be the voice of the victims and prosecute felony crimes to insure justice.

Yarger was elected into the four-year term in the November 2016 election after running unopposed in that election. She defeated Prosecutor Charles Kennedy III in the primary election in March 2016 who fired her after nearly 20 years as assistant prosecutor during that election.