Times Bulletin News Writer

FORT WAYNE - Van Wert residents Ryan and Sarah Lindemann, owners and operators of The Woodhouse Day Spa in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will be welcoming a video production company this week. Castle Pictures, a production company out of New York, will be on site this week. The company is producing a program about real housewives featuring women in the entertainment industry who are also mothers. One of the cast members of the show is a long-time member of the Lindenmann's spa, writer and mother, Nicole Shaw.
Shaw is a freelance writer who has written for both Fort Wayne and national publications. In Shaw's episode of the show, viewers will follow her non-stop schedule with a "day in the life" segment. In an attempt to take care of herself, this mom comes to The Woodhouse Day Spa to soothe out the stress of everyday life.

The production company will be following Shaw to the spa on Wednesday, Dec. 5 and shooting footage of the Lindemann's spa. The filming will showcase one of the spa's most popular services, a Swedish massage, as well as a private tour of the facility.

"It is not only interesting but very exciting," said Sarah. "It is surreal that the productions will be coming to such a small area such as Fort Wayne to film."

The Lindemanns have lived in Van Wert for the past eight years and are very active members in the community. Sarah serves on the Van Wert Community Health Professionals Board and acts as a member of the board of trustees while Ryan is an active rotary member.

As business owners, the Lindemanns attempt to give to as many organizations and charities in the community as possible. One recent donation was to the new tennis complex behind Van Wert High School. The two also take part in many local auctions and are members of the First Presbyterian Church.

Six years ago, the Lindemann's opened The Woodhouse Day Spa in Fort Wayne, a 10,000 square foot business offering over 70 treatments and all-natural services providing a mental, spiritual, emotional, and overall well-being getaway for individuals. The other businesses owned by the Lindemanns are connected and located within the Woodhouse and make up the over 12,000 sq. ft. Lifestyle and Wellness Sanctuary, a mind and body retreat. These businesses are operated by local Van Wert entrepreneurs, Dawn Agler and Dr. Joel Harman.

Over the past six years, Sarah has seen the members of the spa change tremendously. In the early years of the spa, 75 percent of its members were stay-at-home moms. Everything has now changed to a lifestyle business and everyone works. Sarah, herself is a working-mom and has a two year old boy while trying to balance three businesses.