FAIRGROUNDS - We have discovered as we've grown a little longer in the tooth that one of our favorite ways to pass the time at the fair is to walk around and talk to people that we haven't seen since... probably the previous year's fair. We spent quite a bit of time catching up with an old classmate (and we mean that we've known each other a long time - not that he was old because that would be the pot calling the kettle black) earlier this week. We even caught up with a familiar name to Lincolnview folks - Brandon Pardon - who has since moved to Florida but brought his two youngsters back home to see the fair.

More to the point, we caught a glimpse of Rusty Adam over the weekend. For those of you who don't remember, Rusty was the Jr. Fair King last year. We actually saw him sitting down and just talking with someone which is something we never saw him be able to do last year. He told us that being named King was a great honor and he thoroughly enjoyed his time with the crown, but just the same, we are glad to see him have a chance to relax and enjoy the fair.

For those of you who happened to amble by the south end of the Jr. Fair Building on Monday night about 7 p.m, you might have noticed a good-sized crowd. Jason Emmons of Bear Hollow is a master chain saw carver and performs all across the country. He has been putting on demonstrations the past few days showing off his craft and what he created was nothing short of amazing, especially when you consider he was making it with a chain saw.

The crowd had gathered for an auction of 10 pieces of his art that he had created this week. As is often the case when an auction is occurring, spouses are sometimes surprised when they find out their better half is the one on the winning end of a bid. The auctioneer also appeared to take a liking to Doug Grooms of Van Wert City Schools and wanted to make sure that Doug had every opportunity to purchase a piece of the art. It all worked out in the end when Doug was able to purchase one of the pieces which made his daughter very happy.

Don't forget about the band show tonight. Hope to see you there at the fair!