Ralph Kreischer (standing) addresses City Council during the meeting on Monday evening. (DHI Media/Erin Cox)
Ralph Kreischer (standing) addresses City Council during the meeting on Monday evening. (DHI Media/Erin Cox)

VAN WERT — City Council voted to approve an amendment to the city's ordinance concerning the sale and consumption of alcohol on city property.

The ordinance which states that it is illegal to consume alcohol on public property will now be amended with the following: "unless the person is within an area designated for consuming alcohol in a lawfully obtained temporary liquor permit issued by the Ohio Department of Liquor Control."

The permit required is an F permit from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control. The F permit will only be available to non-profit organizations for fundraising events. Those organizations will have to do the work to meet the liability standards, security requirements and more that the Ohio Department of Liquor Control requires.

All council members voted in favor of the amendment on Monday evening during City Council's regular meeting after hearing from 13 community members on the issue. About 25 people attended the meeting.

In the discussion prior to the meeting, eight expressed opinions in opposition to the change while five voiced approval.

"We've obviously got two different kinds of people in this room," Van Wert resident Stuart Jewett said. "We've got people who would enjoy to have a social beverage with each other and people who think that's wrong. I don't think that with every event from here on out [that it] will be one way or the other, so we can have all of the non-alcoholic events we care to have. We can have them until the cows come home and that'll be just fine. Everybody's perfect with that. I just think that we've got two different sorts of people and it's time that we start catering to both types of people, not just the one."

In other business, Mayor Jerry Mazur gave his end of the year review.

The second advisory vote for the city income tax increase took place with all members voting in favor of it. The final vote is expected to occur at the next meeting.

The next City Council meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. Jan. 23.

A more detailed story of the meeting will be in Wednesday's edition of The Times Bulletin.