Information submitted

Again this August the Van Wert Fairgrounds will be hosting the Buy-Way Sale. The dates are Aug. 3, 4, 5 and 6. Time for the sale to start will be at 9 a.m. and run till 6 p.m. or later. Set up will be on Tuesday the 2nd from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. There are still spaces available both inside and outside.

This is the 24th year for the World's Longest Yard Sale and it will be the 7th year for the Van Wert Fairgrounds to participate in this sale. It started out with just four people doing the sale in the big Commercial Building, each year we grew to be bigger and better. Last year we went from having the Commercial building full, to the EMR and Auxiliary Room also full. This year we are on our way to adding more buildings to the sale. We also have food vendors now for all to enjoy. This year we will be having pony rides, and barrel train ride, for the kids right now, we are looking for more for the kids.

And don't forget that the Lincoln Hwy. Sale will also be going on this weekend. Van Wert is the only place in the State of Ohio or if you want to go further in the United States that the two highways cross. So if you want to do something historic on this weekend, drive both highways and see the how the two sales compare.

I want to remind you that 1st United Brethren will be having their popcorn people there along with some caramels this year. Then we will be having Don the potato man with his baked potatoes, a new wagon which is the Pretzel Lady if you was at the fair you will remember her. Gibson BBQ will be there with their Pulled pork, pulled chicken and Rib and chicken dinners. Then on Saturday they will be leaving early to participate in the Rib Cook Off this will be their first year at both events. TK Mobil Foods will be there also with their deep fried curds and vegetables. I am looking for more but will not promise at this time.

Space sizes are 10x10 is $20 and they can be inside or outside this is completely up to you. Tables are $5 each, Chairs are $1 each, Electricity $10 per booth. Camping is $13 per night.

We will also be adding an information booth this year that will help you with information on things going on at the Fairgrounds and the surrounding area. Also you will be able to purchase the baskets for the Fair and the Veterans Day Basket for support of Veterans Day at the Fair. There will also be forms for fair patrons with the sign from last year to let you see how we will display the names.

I just got a call from Mr. Early and he will be here again selling his items. Why is he special because he's coming all the way from Texas? Ok, he's from Texas and he travels the circuit for Garage/Craft Sales and last year he picked Van Wert Fairgrounds and he is coming back this year because he said he hasn't found a nicer place to be for the 127 Sale.

So I hope to see you and your family at this year's Sale. I know you will like the vendors and if you have a chance stop and talk to them they are friendly people. See you in August.