(Times Bulletin/Ed Gebert)
(Times Bulletin/Ed Gebert)

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VAN WERT - Family Health Care of Northwest Ohio has a new home at 1052 S. Washington St., Van Wert. Family Health Care was previously housed within the Medical Arts Building on Fox Rd. and the organization had been eager to find a larger location which does not have to be shared. The business reopened in its new building Monday, Nov. 26.
CEO Nancy Sink indicated that Family Health Care was beginning to outgrow its previous location and due to the cramped conditions more exam rooms were needed. The opportunity finally arose to make the move when a prime location opened up which was also affordable. The group was fortunate to receive the loan needed from the bank and purchased the property in June. By September, the moving in process was fully underway.

"Everything just fell into place and worked out very well," Sink remarked.

The center currently tends to 3,000 clients mostly from Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam, Mercer, and Delphos areas, and are more than prepared to add additional clients with their new space and additional provider.

Sink stressed that many people do not realize the options that are available to them at Family Health Care. Services are available for those without health insurance, and for those with health insurance, services are still affordable. Unlike many other providers, the center accepts an unlimited number of Medicaid clients.

"We try hard to work with other community agencies to coordinate care to the community," said Sink. Family Health Care pairs with Westwood twice a week to provide mental health services to its clients. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program also has an agreement with Family Health Care to accept their clients. They also work closely with Job and Family Services who refer patients to Family Health Care for services.

Family Health Care is currently providing free flu shots to those who are uninsured. The flu shots were donated to the center on Thursday after much worry that none would be provided this year. Those interested can call (419) 238-6747 for more information.

Many people also do not realize that Family Health Care offers free fluoride to children beginning at the age 3. Children who come in also receive a new toothbrush and toothpaste upon each visit. Sink is hopeful that the center will be able to offer full dental care in the future. Currently this is still a challenge as Family Health Care is not a fully-funded health care provider.