Morean Arts Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Morean Arts Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, Florida.
We are welcoming 2013 with a road trip and visiting St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Pete is the home of the Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art and the home of the brand new Salvador Dali Museum, whose façade imitates a meandering wall of surreal glass. The arts thrive in this city full of color, parks and white, powdery beaches in sharp contrast to our equally beautiful white, powdery snow.

The Morean Arts Center, an art center created to serve the community much like the Wassenberg Art Center serves its people by offering free exhibits, programming and classes in fine art, pottery and glass blowing. In addition to galleries similar in size to our own, the Morean Art Center encompasses a café art classrooms and a glass hot shop housed within its main building while pottery classes and exhibits are offered in the Historic Seaboard Train Station along with two private potteries and several different types of kilns including an impressive Anagama kiln built by master potter Don Reitz. Anagama kilns are wood fired kilns also know ascave kilns for their shape and date back to 5th century China. They are capable of producing beautiful and vastly varied glaze surfaces due to ash, temperature and other variables.

High quality artwork created by local artists is available for purchase for reasonable prices and the Morean Art Center supports a collection of glass and paintings by Dale Chihuly as well. Dale Chihuly is a world renowned glass artist from Tacoma,Washington who has reshaped how glass as an art form in perceived. His work is included in more than 200 museums, worldwide with over 1 million visitors at one of the more recent exhibitions in Jerusalem alone. He is noted for creating outdoor glass sculptures in Venice highlighting the canals there and creating art one can experience in daily life. We are very fortunate to be able to offer work by Matthew Paskiet, a student of Dale Chihuly in our gift gallery.

It's always good to get out on the road and learn how other communities and cities use, live and experience art. We learn from each other and expanding the horizons of art and how it can be currently perceived and utilized in our own surroundings is one of the challenges all communities face, often times without even knowing it.

We all here at the Wassenberg Art Center wish everyone a blessed 2013 and we look forward to serving art to Van Wert in the coming year.