Information courtesy of Parkway Schools

ROCKFORD — The Parkway Board of Education is in the process of considering renovations to the school’s football stadium. The current home bleachers and press box are deteriorating and are in need of replacement.

The Board of Education is considering three options.

The first option is replacing the current home bleachers and press box for an estimated cost of $400,000.

The second option is “flipping the stadium” by putting new home bleachers and press box on the west side of the stadium with new visitors bleachers on the east side at an approximate cost of $600,000.

The third option is moving the stadium to the track facility at and estimated cost of $1.5-2 million.

A survey was posted on the school’s website to gather community feedback. Of the 432 responses, 54.86 percent voted for the first option of replacing the current home bleachers.

The second option of flipping the stadium was second with 31.02 percent of the votes and option three of moving the stadium to the track was third with 14.12 percent of the votes.

The data was also broken down by subcategory: students, adults, adults (20-39), adults (40+), current/former football players, non-players, and coaches. Across all subcategories, option one was the first choice with option two second and option three third. Within each subcategory, the percentages for each option were very close to the overall percentages.

Respondents were also asked for their second choice. Option two received 51.89 percent of the votes as the second choice, option one was next with 34.91 percent and option three received 13.21 percent of the votes.

Again, the breakdown of the subcategories followed suit with the overall percentages.

The Parkway Board of Education would like to thank the individuals who completed the survey. The board will be using the voting results and comments to make a final decision in the coming months.

The Board of Education has learned that bleacher companies are behind on the production of press boxes and the renovation may have to wait until after the conclusion of the 2017 season. The current home bleachers, while in need of eventual replacement, are still safe for the coming year and will be inspected again before the season.