TB file photo Doug Pelmear placed his Hp2g motor in a 1985 Ford Mustang which can reportedly get 110 mpg on E85 fuel.
TB file photo

Doug Pelmear placed his Hp2g motor in a 1985 Ford Mustang which can reportedly get 110 mpg on E85 fuel.

Times Bulletin Editor


LAS VEGAS - A year after Doug Pelmear and his Hp2g motor burst upon the automotive scene with claims of a car that could get 110 mpg, he is back.

Last year Pelmear made news when he drove his 1985 Ford Mustang to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and averaged over 100 mpg for the round trip. Now, after a year of applying for patents and continuing testing, he is back at SEMA and this time he was there to tell how his Hp2g engine works.

On Tuesday of this week, he told an audience that the car contains the marriage of an electric motor and a V-8 internal combustion engine, according to a press release based upon his presentation in Las Vegas. While that idea has been around for a while, the type of electric engine and how the V-8 works are new ideas. First, the motor which has eight cylinders, can run on any variable down to only one. The automotive industry refers to this as variable displacement. Excessive wear and carbon buildup is avoided by cycling the cylinders in use through all eight chambers.

The second change is the electric motor. Unlike other electric motors today which use what is called full saturation, Pelmear's electric motors operate on a pulse basis, meaning they cycle on and off in rapid succession. It is powered by two spiral core gel batteries. These are common in the racing world and Pelmear has placed them on each side of the car, recharging them from existing technology such as regenerative braking. Also, unlike other cars that use both an electric and gas motors, Pelmear's design allows him to use both at the same time if necessary to achieve a massive 500 ft. lbs. of torque. The variable number of cylinders in use also mean he can go from 400 horsepower all the way down to 15 while cruising.

The dual setup allowed him to pass an EPA test in May of this year, without a catalytic converter, and falls well beneath the new standards established for automakers.

Over the past 18 months, Pelmear claims to have put over 22,000 miles on the Mustang and motors going to different shows and talks about his inventions. During that time he has documented an average fuel mileage of 109.7 mpg on E85 fuel.