By Dee Fisher
By Dee Fisher
My friends on Facebook have started posting what they're thankful for each day of this month. Yesterday, I was thankful for two things: that I have the right and privilege as an American to vote on those who lead us in this country, and that the long campaign, with its many television and print ads, robo-calls, and door-to-door soliciting, is finally over. I know that, depending on your particular political views, you're either elated or dejected. However, I'm just relieved that we will have a couple of years to work on the problems in this country before campaigning starts for 2016!

There is one vote still out - the audience vote for the new production at Van Wert Civic Theatre, Driving Miss Daisy! The show opens tomorrow at 8 p.m., and we're looking for a few good audiences to come and enjoy themselves with some good, homegrown theatre. Will you be a part of the crowd?

Among other things, Driving Miss Daisy is about family. The concept of family has broadened over the past century to include more than blood ties. Today, family is also about the ties of friendship and love, making for some unusual family groups. Miss Daisy and Boolie are a family by virtue of their blood relationship, but Miss Daisy and Hoke are also a family, made of mutual respect and experiences. In fact, I think that it's a toss up as to which family ties are stronger in the play, those of blood or those of friendship.

Yesterday, we voted on the presidency and many other leadership positions around the country. There have been a lot of strong words and bad feelings between longtime friends and neighbors, and I'm afraid things may have been said that can never be taken back. Let's start tomorrow by coming together as Americans and humans to that most human of activities-the arts. Let's start the rebuilding with watching those same friends and neighbors perform a wonderful set piece that will warm your heart and make you thankful for the ties that bind.

The box office is open! Call (419) 238-9689 between 2 and 6 and make your reservation to see this great piece of Americana. Performance dates are Nov. 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, and 18. As usual, evening performances begin at 8, and Sunday matinees begin at 2. Come out and place your vote for the local performing arts at Van Wert Civic Theatre and Driving Miss Daisy!

See you at the show!