(Times Bulletin/Lindsay McCoy)
(Times Bulletin/Lindsay McCoy)

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VAN WERT - Social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, were booming Monday afternoon with the appearance of 90s rapper, Vanilla Ice, in the Van Wert community. The celebrity's appearance was not an isolated incident as he is currently filming a portion of his new reality show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, in the county this week.
Vanilla Ice, also known as Rob Van Winkle, came into popularity as a rapper in the 90s with his mega-hit, "Ice Ice Baby." Following this time, he moved into the world of reality TV, starring in The Surreal Life and its sequel, Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, Dancing on Ice, and Celebrity Boxing.

In Oct. 2010, The Vanilla Ice Project first aired on DIY Network and has become the top rated show on the network. The fourth season of the popular home improvement show is set to air this fall.

Now, a spinoff of this series, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, has brought the celebrity into the Amish country of Ohio to immerse himself in their world and learn their ways of construction.

Three weeks into filming, Vanilla Ice has accompanied his new Amish family for the construction of a home outside of the Wren, Ohio, area.

"It's a beautiful day," said Vanilla Ice. "It's great. The weather is perfect right now; I am marinating. I'm really enjoying it, and we are filming a great show here."

The reality star admitted that once he becomes curious about an idea, it overwhelms his brains and thinks about it all the time. He is eager to work with the Amish, who pride themselves on construction and craftsmanship, in order to learn their ways of construction and teach them his own.

"We are going to gel and make a really cool show," remarked Vanilla Ice. "It is going to be fun as well as an adventure because I know nothing about them. I have so many questions. I want to know how and why, but I don't want to overwhelm them either."

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish is set to air in Jan. 2014, and the episode filmed within Van Wert County is currently set to kick off the season as episode one.

"I'm going to give the Amish a different design style," noted the rapper-turned-handyman. "The show will include two completely opposite worlds meeting and coming together to share a similar interest in construction."