Vantage Career Center Superintendent Staci Kaufman provides an update on the reconstruction project during the Board of Education meeting held Thursday afternoon. (Times Bulletin/Lindsay McCoy)
Vantage Career Center Superintendent Staci Kaufman provides an update on the reconstruction project during the Board of Education meeting held Thursday afternoon. (Times Bulletin/Lindsay McCoy)
VAN WERT - Thursday afternoon the Vantage Career Center Board of Education was forced to move their place of meeting again due to construction. This month's meeting was held in the medical office management classroom. Superintendent Staci Kaufman reported that construction has been moving right along.

No pricing has been accepted yet for the three epoxy floors in need of repair. A speckled composite has been chosen which will work as a seal barrier coat and will also camouflage dirt and scratches. Kaufman hopes to have prices by the July board meeting, but the job will not be completed until next summer when there is a proper place to move equipment. Tiling in the kitchen area will also need to be sealed as it absorbs very easily and is difficult to clean.
"We have had good momentum on construction especially in demolition," said Kaufman. Yet, there are still the usual setbacks that accompany construction. Structural crews do not have the increased crew numbers that they need and are in effect slowing down electrical and mechanical crews.

A seeding plan is also being discussed on whether low-maintenance grasses should be planted. While this grass will take considerably less mowing down the road, the first couple years of initial care will be intensive. With a brand new building, some board members expressed concerns that the lawn may look like an unkept lawn and tarnish the look of the new building.

An October 22 date has been set for a final auction date for loose furnishings.

There was also discussion about the new proposed Internet safety policy that requires a public hearing held by the board. Staff members' previous job was to instruct students on the safety of using the Internet in the building, but the new proposed policy states that now a staff member must monitor students at all times while they are on the computer to help monitor their activity first-hand.

Treasurer Lori Davis updated the board on their contract with SORSA, the school's property, fleet, and liability insurance. Premiums have risen 13.8 percent due to the new building and moving into a higher market. The school is also adding coverage for violence due to incidences that have occurred around the country. Also, bus coverages have been changed from covering buses 15 years or newer to five years or newer. There is now no option on a coverage provider as SORSA will now be required by all the surrounding schools.

The board also approved the employment of two new staff members. Paula Getz has been hired as the medical office management instructor and Rose Kreitemeyer has been hired as Paulding satellite FCS instructor. The following adult education instructors have also been employed: Brandom Combs, Gary Carter III, Lucas Manns, and Chase Stahl as welding lab aides, and Reesa Rohrs as the STNA coordinator.

The following contracts for summer maintenance were also approved at the night's meeting: Karen McGilton, Penny Baucom, and Kaleb Baucom. Penny Baucom was also granted contract as special event worker. Other contracts include Mary Ann Falk as lead academic instructor, Daniel Joyce as school improvement coordinator, Pat Vogel and Brent Wright as FWT welding participants, and Sarah Noggle and Mike Miller as fifth quarter AG granters.

Two teacher resignations were also accepted. Shane Falke resigned as special education instructor and Margie Hubert resigned as an adult education instructor.

The board also approved the purchase of a new double-sided aluminum electrical sign for Vantage Career Center for an estimated price of $42,639 from Kessler Sign Company. The sign will have a brick base, and architects have designed it to go with the look of the new facility.

The next regular Vantage Career Center Board meeting will be held on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m. in the swing space of the medical office management classroom.