The Times Bulletin is going to all mail delivery on May 1.

All subscribers should have received a letter in their newspaper this week.

If you were like me, you pulled it out of the newspaper and never read it.

Here’s what the letter said in summary:

The United States Postal Service will now deliver the newspaper instead of a carrier due to the insurance costs for carriers continuing to escalate. This change will not affect the daily newspaper being delivered the same day of publication, other than days which the USPS does not deliver.

I was told last week that we were going to all mail delivery after all the letters had been printed. Unfortunately this decision was out of my hands. As many of you know, DHI Media is a group of newspapers that among others includes The Delphos Herald and Paulding Progress. Both of those newspaper have already been on all mail delivery for a lengthy amount of time (don’t ask me exact numbers, but it’s been longer than I’ve been here).

The majority of our customers already get their newspapers through the mail, so it’s not a new concept to us or the post office.

Our mail delivery system is the reason why, on postal holidays, we already do not print a newspaper. We will continue that. If there is a holiday that falls on Monday, we will have a newspaper on Tuesday.

The newspaper will come in the mail, so it will be delivered by your mail carrier with the rest of your mail at whatever time the postman brings your mail to your mailbox.

If you’re like me, that means your newspaper won’t arrive to your house until the afternoon. I make the newspaper each day with this in mind already because of the majority of our subscribers already getting the newspaper through the mail. I try to put stories about upcoming events in the newspaper days ahead of time to make sure people can read the story before the event happens.

I try to never assume someone will read the newspaper at 8 a.m. and then have plenty of time to decide if they want to go to an event that evening. The only instances where I would put in a story on the day the event was happening would be if someone forgot to send a press release and I am doing it just to help them out by hopefully getting the news to a few people before the event.

Now with all of our subscribers getting the newspaper through the mail, I may not do that anymore, so please get your press releases to me early!

As we’re on the topic of changes, many of you may have noticed that the church directory was not in Friday’s newspaper and it will no longer be. If you want to see it, I have placed it online at for all to peruse. Any changes or additions will be made online for those wanting to see what churches are in the area.

This is important for me to say: I know you all aren’t afraid to say when you don’t like something about the newspaper, but on the same hand, if there is something you like about the newspaper (a certain page, certain stories or columns, etc.) it’s important to let us know that as well because if we don’t hear feedback on it, then I don’t know if anyone is reading it or enjoying it. Letting me know you like something, means I will keep doing it.

I’m trying to keep a variety of content but as my bosses tell me to make certain decisions, I want to make sure I’m making the best ones for my readers, so please stop by, give me a call, send me an email or write me a letter to let me know what you enjoy about the newspaper so that I can make sure that continues.