DELPHOS — Whenever a high school team has to hire a new coach, it goes through a process to find the best person they can for the job.

The Jefferson administration felt they had done due diligence when former football coach Chris Sommers tendered his resignation after the 2016 season and so took the step to promote varsity assistant coach Brandon Behnfeldt to the head position.

It was announced at Monday night’s Delphos City Schools’ Board of Education meeting.

“I’m excited to be the head football coach at Jefferson. As soon as the position was posted internally and I got it via e-mail, I applied immediately,” Behnfeldt explained. “Obviously, they have to go through their protocol and since I was the only one to apply internally, they had to post it outside to see what other candidates they could get. I was willing to be patient and let the process work itself out, to be interviewed and see if I would get the position.”

Behnfeldt — who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Akron — had been an assistant at the school for the previous two seasons, as well as 2010. He has 12 years of coaching experience at Jefferson, along with at Napoleon, Shawnee, Upper Scioto Valley and Archbold.

It is that diversity that he believes will be of utmost benefit to him as he embarks on the new phase of his career.

“When I was at Napoleon, I learned their strategy and how they did things. Same thing at Archbold and all the other places; I experienced a lot of good things and some not-so-good things and I learned different ways to handle different situations,” he explained. “The best thing is I didn’t fall into a rut by being in one spot for so long; I think that diversity will help me as I move on in this position. That will apply to what we do on offense and defense and everything else.

“Plus, being a teacher here as long as I have, I think the kids are comfortable with me and know me and I have gotten to know them and their situations.”

As for what fans might see on the field, the new coach figures if the situation isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

“You won’t see a lot of differences; we’ve had a lot of success here the last few years and we have a good situation going,” he added. “There will be some tweaks but since I was just officially hired, I have not been able to sit down with my coaching staff and discuss matters. One of the good parts of this is that most of the staff from the last few years have announced they will be back.

“I think the kids were expecting this to happen; they were excited for that possibility and since I had kind of taken over running the off-season weight room already, they figured it was going to happen. We had a team meeting already and they’re ready to go.”

“We are very excited to have Coach Brandon Behnfeldt on staff and directing the Wildcat Football program,” Athletic Director Dave Hoffman said in a statement.