Times Bulletin Sports Editor

ROCKFORD - The Parkway Panther boys bowling team posted a 9-6 record a season ago, and finished seventh in the 16-team WOHSBC.

Matching that mark this season might be tough, however, as almost the entire varsity roster from a year ago is lost to graduation.

Gone from the team is the top bowler, statistically, from last season, Bryce Bedwell. Bedwell led the team in overall average last season, with a 181.43 clip. He knocked down 3,810 pins and posted a high game of 235.
Also lost to graduation are Connor Piper, Vincent Rodriguez, Josh Stein, Clay Thomas and Cody Pierstorff.

"As far as the guys go, I pretty much lost everybody," explained Parkway coach Josh Goff. "We have one returning senior, Jeremy Tribolet, and a junior who was a sophomore last year and was on varsity part of the year - Jacob Stein. Other than that, I've got four freshmen and a junior who is bowling for the first time."

Tribolet is easily the most decorated bowler returning. He posed a 177.58 average last season, while knocking down 4,617 pins and posted high game of 228.

"Last year it was nice for (Jeremy) because he could just come and bowl. We had all the seniors on the team so he didn't really have to worry about being a leader. His biggest thing this year is adjusting and having that leadership role," described Goff.

The Panther coach explained that a lot of burden will be on Tribolet's shoulders, not only as a leader, but as the top bowler on the team as well.

"He's looking to improve on his average from last year. He and I have talked about it a little bit - one thing that he would like to do is break the school record in average, which he had the potential to do as long as he doesn't get caught up in it."

As far as the rest of the squad, Goff said it may be too soon to tell how they will come along. "It's early. It's a process. One thing that has helped out is a lot of them have bowled junior high during the past couple of years - which is something we haven't always had.

"We're working pretty hard in practice and they're making some progress. We've still got a long way to go. I see, hopefully by the end of the season, we'll get to a nice point and then we can build on this year and the next year to come."

The WOHSBC season kicks off Saturday at Plaza Lanes in Celina, and Goff said that his team is ready to kick off the season.

"I think they're ready to go. We've been practicing for a while now. We had a singles tournament last weekend, which I think for the younger guys, was the first time they've ever been in that large of a setting. They had some nerves, so they got that out of the way."

Overall, the coach said to watch out for Wapak, last year's league champion, and Coldwater, last year's state champion.

"My expectations for us this year are different from last year. I just want us to get better every week and build on things from a week-to-week standpoint," he added.