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On Saturday, March 1, the Van Wert YMCA Marlin age 12-and-under swimmers traveled to Marion Ohio to compete in the Northwest Ohio YMCA Sectional.
Out of the two Sectionals (Marion and Fort Meigs), the top five finishers in each event automatically qualify for championships, the next 10 fastest times from both sectionals also qualify for a total of twenty swimmers per event.

Swimmers over the age of 13 do not need to qualify at Sectionals in order to swim at championships. Northwest Ohio YMCA Championships will be held March 9 and 10 in Fremont, Ohio.

The following Van Wert swimmers qualified in all five of their events: Tyra McClain, Emma Pollock, Jamie Burenga and Daniel Miller.

Also qualifying for Van Wert were: Katie McVaigh in four events and an alternate in one event, Risa Pollock and Aaron Stant made it in three events, Erin Miller and Luke Miller qualified in one event each, Anna Wasson qualified in one event and is an alternate for one other.

Although the following swimmers didn't qualify to move on, it wasn't due to a lack of effort, they all achieve multiple Personal Best times: Noelle Heffner with four, Dylan Neate & Ian Rex with three and Gracie Mull with two. Details are listed below.

YMCA Marlins @ Northwest Ohio YMCA Sectionals Marion (all distances Yards): 8&Under Girls: Gracie Mull - 10th 100 IM; 12th 25 Fly; 14th 50 Free; 15th 25 Free; 17th 25 Back.. Anna Wasson - 10th 25 Fly; 12th 25 Free; 21st 50 Free; 22nd 25 Back. Tyra McClain - 7th 25 Fly, 50 Free and 25 Back; 9th 25 Free; 10th 25 Breast. 8&Under Boys: Luke Miller - 11th 25 Free and 25 Back; 12th 50 Free. 9-10 Girls: Emma Pollock - 2nd 100 IM and 50 Free; 3rd 50 Fly; 5th 100 Free; 9th 50 Breast. Jamie Burenga - 2nd 50 Back; 3rd 100 IM; 9th 100 Free; 10th 50 Free; 11th 50 Breast. 9-10 Boys: Daniel Miller - 8th 50 Free, 100 Free, 50 Back and 50 Breast; 9th 100 IM. Ian Rex - 12th 200 Free; 13th 50 Free; 14th 50 Breast; 15th 50 Back. 11-12 Girls: Risa Pollock - 4th 500 Free; 9th 200 Free; 11th 50 Breast; 18th 50 Free; 22nd 50 Fly. Erin Miller -7th 500 Free; 16th 100 IM; 18th 50 Breast; 23rd 50 Free and 50 Fly. Katie McVaigh - 7th 50 Back; 8th 100 IM; 10th 100 Free; 12th 50 Free; 18th 50 Fly. Noelle Heffner - 11th 200 Free; 13th 50 Back; 16th 100 Free; 20th 50 Breast; 24th 50 Free. 11-12 Boys: Aaron Stant- 7th 50 Fly and 500 Free; 9th 50 Back and 200 Free; 12th 50 Free. Dylan Neate - 11th 100 IM and 100 Free; 14th 50 Free and 50 Back; 12th 50 Breast.