Tuesday, January 17, 2017
  • Trump meets with MLK’s son
    Monday, January 16, 2017 11:10 PM
    NEW YORK (AP) — Days before taking office, President-elect Donald Trump attempted to navigate the fallout of his flap with a civil rights leader and colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while also losing a member of his incoming administration to accusations of plagiarism.
  • UK’s May signals EU clean break: no ‘half-in, half-out’
    Monday, January 16, 2017 11:05 PM
    LONDON (AP) — Britain will make a clean break from the European Union and not seek to remain “half-in, half-out,” Prime Minister Theresa May will say Tuesday, disappointing businesses and voters who want the country to stay in the bloc’s single market.
  • US official says Orlando shooter's widow has been arrested
    Monday, January 16, 2017 1:43 PM

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter, who was extensively questioned by federal agents in the days after the massacre, was arrested by the FBI on Monday in connection with the attack, a U.S. law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

  • In early GOP win on health care repeal, Congress OKs budget
    Friday, January 13, 2017 11:42 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Ascendant Republicans drove a budget through Congress on Friday that gives them an early but critical victory in their crusade to scrap President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.
  • Woman stolen at birth learns true identity
    Friday, January 13, 2017 11:40 PM
    WALTERBORO, S.C. (AP) — Stolen from a hospital just hours after she was born, an 18-year-old woman finally learned her true identity and was reunited Friday with her birth family, by video chat.
  • US policy change on Cuban migrants leaves many stranded
    Friday, January 13, 2017 11:38 PM
    PANAMA CITY (AP) — It took three months for Gabriel Marin and his wife, Yansiel, to make it from their home in eastern Cuba to this migrant shelter in Panama’s capital.
  • Watchdog to probe Comey’s, FBI’s actions before election
    Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:54 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — In yet another aftershock from the chaotic presidential campaign, the Justice Department inspector general opened an investigation Thursday into department and FBI actions before the election, including whether FBI Director James Comey followed established policies in the email investigation of Hillary Clinton.
  • Obama ends visa-free path for Cubans
    Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:52 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama announced Thursday he is ending a longstanding immigration policy that allows any Cuban who makes it to U.S. soil to stay and become a legal resident.
  • Amazon plans to hire 100,000 over the next 18 months
    Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:50 PM
    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon plans to hire 100,000 full time workers over the next 18 months, highlighting its ambitious expansion plans — and the sharp contrast the e-commerce powerhouse strikes against traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, many of which are cutting jobs and closing stores.
  • Trump concedes Russia’s role in election hacking
    Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11:12 PM
    NEW YORK (AP) — In a combative and freewheeling news conference, President-elect Donald Trump said for the first time Wednesday that he accepts Russia was behind the election year hacking of Democrats that roiled the White House race.
  • Turkey bogged down in Syria as it realigns with Russia
    Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11:06 PM
    BEIRUT (AP) — Nearly two months into the assault, Turkey has become bogged down in an unexpectedly bloody fight to retake the Islamic State group’s last stronghold in northern Syria.
  • Six Volkswagen employees indicted in emissions scandal
    Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11:03 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Six high-level Volkswagen employees from Germany were indicted in the U.S. on Wednesday in the VW emissions-cheating scandal, while the company itself agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay $4.3 billion — by far the biggest fine ever levied by the government against an automaker.
  • Trump pushes GOP leaders for fast action on health care
    Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:35 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump pushed Congress on Tuesday to act swiftly to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law and follow up with a replacement.
  • I’d stand up to Trump as AG, Sessions tells senators
    Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:33 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions fervently rejected “damnably false” accusations of past racist comments Tuesday as he challenged Democratic concerns about the civil rights commitment he would bring as Donald Trump’s attorney general.
  • Dylann Roof sentenced to death
    Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:30 PM
    CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — An unrepentant Dylann Roof was sentenced to death Tuesday for fatally shooting nine black church members during a Bible study session, becoming the first person ordered executed for a federal hate crime.
  • GOP hesitancy grows on health law repeal without substitute
    Tuesday, January 10, 2017 12:11 AM

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Growing numbers of Republicans showed discomfort Monday over obliterating President Barack Obama's health care overhaul without having a replacement to show voters. Hoping to capitalize on the jitters, Democrats staged an evening Senate talk-a-thon to condemn the GOP push.

  • Questions about hacking swirl as Trump enters critical week
    Sunday, January 08, 2017 11:20 PM
    NEW YORK (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump and his aides are entering a crucial week in his presidential transition as he and his Cabinet nominees undergo public questioning about their approach to Russia and potential conflicts of interests.
  • Obama health care legacy: Coverage, conflict, and questions
    Sunday, January 08, 2017 11:15 PM
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Although his signature law is in jeopardy, President Barack Obama’s work reshaping health care in America is certain to endure in the broad public support for many of its underlying principles, along with conflicts over how to secure them.
  • Truck attack kills four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem
    Sunday, January 08, 2017 11:07 PM
    JERUSALEM (AP) — A Palestinian truck driver rammed his vehicle into a crowd of Israeli soldiers at a popular Jerusalem tourist spot Sunday, killing four people and wounding 17 others in the deadliest single attack of more than a year of Israeli-Palestinian violence.
  • US vet arrested in airport shooting; 5 dead, 8 wounded
    Friday, January 06, 2017 11:34 PM
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — An Army veteran who complained that the government was controlling his mind drew a gun from his checked luggage on arrival at the Fort Lauderdale airport and opened fire in the baggage claim area Friday, killing five people and wounding eight, authorities said.
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