Judge Martin Burchfield
Judge Martin Burchfield

VAN WERT — Van Wert County Common Pleas Judge Martin D. Burchfield has released the following report of the court’s activities for the month of December, 2017.

Six defendants were arraigned on felony criminal charges as a result of indictments issued by the grand jury or bills of information presented by the prosecuting attorney. The Court conducted 18 criminal pretrial conferences, Six defendants were convicted as a result of trial or guilty pleas. Ten motion hearings were held. There were no criminal jury trials.

Two search warrants were signed by Judge Burchfield in December, 2017.

Seven defendants were sentenced to incarceration with the Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Western Ohio Regional Treatment and Habilitation Center (WORTH), the Van Wert County Correctional Facility or electronically monitored house arrest. One defendant was placed under community control intensive supervision under the supervision of the Van Wert County Adult Probation Department.

The Adult Probation Department supervised a total of 190 probationers presently under community control sanctions and defendants released on bond pending disposition of pending criminal proceedings. There were 467 required reporting visits by probationers and defendants on bond. The department conducted 675 drug tests, and there were 41 hours of community service work completed by probations under supervision of the probation department.

One probationer had his/her probation revoked for violations of community control sanctions. Four defendants had their bond revoked for violation of bond conditions. Three probationers successfully completed their terms of probation and were released. The court collected $1,646.53 in fines and court costs.

Judge Burchfield reported 12 civil cases were filed during the month. The court conducted no trials to court, held eight civil pretrial conferences, and heard two motions. Five cases were dismissed due to the parties reaching a settlement. Judgment was rendered in four cases. There were no cases terminated by summary judgment. There were no cases stayed by bankruptcy. There were no civil cases referred to mediation/arbitration. There were no civil jury trials held this month.

Seven domestic relations cases were filed during the month. Domestic Relations Magistrate Joseph Quatman conducted nine pretrial conferences and three hearings on motions regarding modification of custody or visitation. There was one civil protective order filed, and there were six final divorce or dissolution of marriage hearings. There were no cases referred to mediation regarding issues of custody, visitation and property. The court also heard 13 cases presented by the Child Support Enforcement Agency for collection of delinquent court-ordered child support payments.