Wee Care Learning Center
Wee Care Learning Center

VAN WERT – The current year, 2019, marks the 40th anniversary for Wee Care Learning Center and the 14th in its current building.

Wee Care officials decided earlier to have a capital fundraising campaign building a trust fund to cover current short-term and long-term expenses. Last fall the non-profit organization kicked off a $250,000 campaign with a promise from Central Mutual to match each dollar with a dollar donation of their own, making the total hoped for collection at $500,000.

Currently, says director Faith Fabian, the campaign is within $11,000 of Wee Care’s reach of the $250,000, or, counting Central Mutual, $22,000 of reaching the $500,000 total goal.

Initially, the Wee Care Board of Directors set a list of goals of items they would like to purchase or repair during this 40th anniversary celebration. Some of them have already been completed.

One item that has already been replaced is all of the air conditioning units and furnaces. Also completed is the upgrading of the phone system.

“This project (air conditioning) was completed in June and could not have come at a better time with the recent heat index readings,” said Fabian.

Fabian noted that another project currently under progress is cleaning out underbrush and dead and junk trees on the east, west and north sides of the property.

“We will keep certain trees, fill in low spots and plant grass for a very nice aesthetic look and practical use of our space,” said Fabian.

An upcoming project is replacing all the lighting with energy efficient LED technology. Another project scheduled for this fall includes repainting the classrooms, offices and hallways. Work on this will occur prior to carpeting, noted Fabian.

“We will also be installing a new drainage system on the west side of the building,” observed Fabian.

Fabian noted that another fall project made possible through the generosity of the Van Wert County Foundation includes landscaping the front of the building including the “Memory Garden” and the additional planting of trees.

One other project includes resealing the parking lot.

“The business support in the Van Wert community has been overwhelming,” said Fabian. “We are also so grateful for the help from parents, grandparents and families and friends of the center.”

The Wee Care Learning Center is a United Way Agency.