Breck Evans
Breck Evans

VAN WERT – Lincolnview Sophomore Breck Evans is no stranger to showing animals at the Junior Fair. She’s been showing various livestock for over six years and has grown up on a farm her entire life.

“My family has always been a part of farming and I always watched the shows when I was younger,” said Evans of the Junior Fair livestock shows. “I watched my older cousins and I decided I want to show too.”

Evans cares for a wide range of animals including pigs, goats, horses, and chickens. This year, during the 164th Van Wert County Fair, Evans showed pigs and goats. She noted that she works hard with her animals at home in order to get them to show well.

“For goats, you lead them in a lead and they follow you,” explained Evans. “You set them up with the back feet together but a bit spread apart so you can get a nice measurement.”

“With pigs, you have a whip and you tap them on the sides,” she continued. “If you tap them on the right side they go left and if you tap them on the left side they go right. You always want them to have their head up so they look better and the judge can see their chest area.”

While she showed pigs and goats this year, her favorite to show is horses. Her horse Mickey is a favorite companion of hers.

“It’s fun to ride her and get to know her better,” said Evans. “I’m always with my horses and you have a connection with them. They are here year-round, whereas with pigs they are here for a certain amount of time and they leave.”

While the fair was reduced to a junior fair only this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Evans said she was still excited to be able to show off her hard work.

“I love all the hard work you have to put in and what you get out of in the end,” she said of showing her animals. “I’m very excited to still be able to show this year. It might look different but I’m still loving fair this year too.”

Evans is the daughter of Thomas and JaNahn Evans. She is on Junior Fair Board and is a member of the Hoaglin Farmers 4-H Club.

Look for this story and other feature stories from the Junior Fair in Wednesday's edition of The Times Bulletin. Full livestock show results from the Junior Fair will be included in the publication.