Students at the Goedde in Van Wert learn valuable community service lessons when helping out around town. (Photo submitted).
Students at the Goedde in Van Wert learn valuable community service lessons when helping out around town. (Photo submitted).
VAN WERT — Students from the Van Wert School at the Goedde have been busy practicing the art of volunteerism by raking leaves around town for those who may need a helping hand! Community service is a key component to the framework of the new School at the Goedde. The Times Bulletin asked the Goedde how the service works.

The Times Bulletin: How long will the students be doing community service and how can people reach out for help?

We will be doing various community service “jobs” throughout the school year. We are hoping to do snow removal, spend some time at the nursing homes and basically go where we are needed. If anyone should need specific things done or need help with, they can contact me at the school and we will see what we can do to help! For example, we helped at the nursing home bring up Christmas decorations from their storage.

The Times Bulletin: How many adults are with the group of students when they are working?

We send a minimum of two adults. It depends on the size of the group if another adult is needed. We select the students as to who will participate in which project. We frequently do park clean-ups throughout the community as well. Some may have clean-up duty and others may go to homes and rake leaves, etc.

The Times Bulletin: What other types of jobs will they do?

We clean up the parks regularly, leaf raking and, hopefully coming soon, snow removal, possibly salting sidewalks and driveways, etc. In the spring we will be looking to help the elderly with landscaping clean-up, planting flowers, weed pulling, etc. We will also be looking for other projects as they arise!

The Times Bulletin: Is there a cost for some jobs?

There is never a cost associated with this type of community service. We are trying to teach the students the importance of giving back, helping those in need, while developing work ethics and employability skills. Our students need to learn the meaning and feeling of pride. This type of work not only allows them to earn what is needed to graduate from high school, but it also allows them to do something that they can take pride in and feel good about. Letting people see them for who they are and not the mistakes they may have made!

Please contact Rhonda Cunningham at the Goedde at or call (419) 238-0648 for more information.