Kirsten Kline
Kirsten Kline

VAN WERT – In spite of “virus times,” shuffled schedules and many social changes, Kirsten Kline is going home from this year’s junior fair with Runner-Up in “Rate of Gain” for her success with one of her two dairy feeders in that category. Kline said that she has been raised to work hard with all of her projects by her parents, Kurt and Angie Kline.

“We have cows and pigs at home,” said Kline. “My dad is a busy man.”

“When we weigh in during June, the 4-H project weight is recorded. Then we see how much they gain between then and when they weigh-in for the fair,” said Kline. “Cows are supposed to weigh between 400 and 600 pounds. Over 600 pounds is considered overweight.”

Kline said that during the crucial weight gain period, she does all that she can to feed her feeders and keep track of their health and exercise. This year’s Runner-Up weighed in 599 pounds.

Kline, who has attended Vantage Career Center and Van Wert High School, loves children and loves working with children. She has been thinking about looking ahead at a career such as, “early childhood,” type major. But that isn’t quite settled yet. She is also giving some thought to cosmetology school.

“I like babysitting kids,” said Kline. “ I like babies and toddlers. But I’ve also fallen in love with watching other people do hair.”

Kline said that she was drawn to 4-H through friendships.

“I’ve had friends in 4-H for many years,” said Kline. “I love hanging out with them. “My brother, Kory, was also in 4-H. He was also in dairy feeders.”

Kline, who is in her 6th year in 4-H, said that she had friends that were in 4-H before she was. She noted that their enthusiasm for the organization encouraged her to get involved.

She noted that not being able to spend time with her friends as much as she would like because of the COVID virus has been very sad for her and her friends.

“Everything is so different. Theirs is not a full fair; there haven’t been as many people in the dairy barn. There’s not a lot of people and there haven’t been as many food places. Everything is just so different,” said Kline.

“My dad helps other people farm. I like to help him with that when I can. I like working with my dad.”

Look for this story and other feature stories from the Junior Fair in Wednesday's edition of The Times Bulletin. Full livestock show results from the Junior Fair will be included in the publication.