Jayden Black’s album, Memories, is out now. (Photo courtesy of Jayden Black)
Jayden Black’s album, Memories, is out now. (Photo courtesy of Jayden Black)

WILLSHIRE – Parkway graduate Jayden Black has been busy since his Ohio Has Talent performance earlier this year. He recently released his second album, Memories, which he says is named for the special meaning each song has to him.

The nine-track album released Oct. 20, 2017 and begins with the song “Hallelujah.”

“When I first recorded that song I put it on Facebook and YouTube and overnight it got 20,000 views,” said Black. “I was really excited about that.”

While Black notes that while “Hallelujah” is a special song to him, there many be no other track that holds more meaning than the final one. “You Raise Me Up” is the ninth track on the album and was the song Black performed at Ohio Has Talent.

“I perform that song at many funerals; I sang it at my grandma’s funeral,” said Black. “That song is my trademark song.”

“I wanted to start the album with a strong song and end the album with a strong song,” added Black. “Throughout the album there is different songs that have a story behind them or that represent my life, or that represents someone close to me.”

The seven remaining songs are “Always On My Mind,” “Home,” “This I Promise You,” “Sarabeth,” “Memories,” “Imagination,” and “Pray.”

“Sarabeth” was one song in particular that Black added for a close friend. The song is about cancer and was added because his best friend has lost her father the illness.

“I didn’t tell her about it so when she heard that song, she texted me and said that it meant a lot to her,” said Black.

Black had previously released a Christmas album, but having an album with music that can be played year-round will allow him to perform those songs during any time of the year.

He noted that with this album he will be able to go to different places for gigs and perform music year round rather than only holiday music.

“Overall, to me, this is my debut album,” said Black. “This album I had a producer, I actually went to a studio and he really helped me.”

Black noted that this album is more professionally produced than his Christmas album. The album was recorded in three months, and with the help of a producer this time, Black was able to learn and receive advice on the ins and outs of what to do while recording.

“It’s been a really long process, and it’s relieving that it’s over with and in stores,” said Black.

Black’s album is currently available at Slusher’s Jewelry in Van Wert, TJ’s Gas Station in both Rockford and Willshire, and at Willshire’s Home Furnishings. It was also available on iTunes and Spotify.