VAN WERT – The Ohio Department of Education released the 2018 Ohio School Report Cards Thursday morning, and the cards were the first report cards to include an overall grade in addition to grades for six major components.

The six major components that The Ohio School Report Cards use to measure schools include achievement, gap closing, K-3 literacy, progress, graduation rate, and prepared for success.

Van Wert received a D for their overall district grade, while both Lincolnview and Crestview received a B grade.

The achievement component indicates the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed on them. It includes a performance index, and indicators met. Van Wert received an F for indicators met with an overall component grade of a D in achievement.

The gap closing component measures how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for the most vulnerable populations of students in English, language arts, math, and graduation. For this component, Van Wert received a D, an improvement from last year’s F.

The K-3 literacy rating measures how successful the school is at getting struggling readers on track to proficiency in third grade and beyond. Van Wert received a C in this category.

Van Wert received a D in the progress component which looks at the growth that all students are making based on their past performance.

As far as graduation rate, Van Wert received an A, and they received a D for the prepared for success component which measures how well Ohio’s students are prepared for future opportunities.

Van Wert Superintendent Vicki Brunn explained that with the help of the district curriculum director, Chris Covey, the district will present a detailed plan for improvement during the October Board of Education meeting.

“We are seeing some areas within gap closing that we improved over last year, so we feel good in that we are moving the needle in the right direction,” said Brunn. “We are also identifying areas in which we are going to roll up our sleeves this year in order to continue to move our district forward.”

Lincolnview Local Schools saw some improvements from last year’s grades in many areas of their report card. The district received a C in achievement with a D for the indicators met portion of the score.

Lincolnview received a B for the gap-closing component, which was a major improvement from last year’s F, and A in the progress component, up from a B the previous year.

Lincolnview’s graduation rate was also graded as an A.

Their grade for prepared for success and K-3 literacy both received a D.

"Overall, we were very satisfied in a number of areas with our results on the 2018 State of Ohio Report Card such as Student Progress, Gap Closing, and our Graduation Rate, however in the other areas we have seen growth and are still working on improvement," said Lincolnview Superintendent Jeff Snyder. "Also, while we celebrate the product of student learning, which is reflected in the state report card results, we must always focus on the process of learning. We have also concentrated on the need to enhance, enrich, and empower our students in areas that the report card does not reflect or even evaluate such as: school pride, a community centered focus, serving and leading, and a career connection of employability and college readiness."

"The Lincolnview faculty and staff are outstanding and we could not be more proud of their efforts and commitment to the students of our fine school each and every day," Snyder continued. "Time will continually show the 'Excellence' in our students, graduates, faculty, and staff. We are very proud of all of them and their accomplishments."

Crestview Local Schools also saw many improvements. The district received a C for the achievement component with their indicators met graded as a D.

Crestview continued to rise their gap closing grade which received an A this year. Last year the school received a B in the category, which was a huge increase from the F grade the year before.

The district earned a B in K-3 literacy and a D in the prepared for success components.

Crestview also received a B in progress and also received an A in graduation rate.

“Overall, I am pleased with our students’ efforts and the district’s results on the ODE Local Report Card this year. Our district’s overall grade was a B which represents an above-average, solid performance by our kids,” said Crestview Superintendent Kathy Mollenkopf. “Almost all of our component grades are A’s and B’s, with a couple of C’s. We had one component grade where we earned a D, the Prepared for Success component, which measures students’ performance on ACT or SAT tests; it tracks the number of students who earn honors diplomas or earn at least 12 points on an industry-recognized credential as well as providing bonus measures for students who take International Baccalaureate tests, score well on AP tests, and earn a specific number of credits on College Credit Plus classes.”

When you consider that less than 50 percent of our seniors last year chose to go on to attend a 4-year college, I believe that a higher grade on this component is more difficult for our district to achieve because several of the six markers that I just mentioned really aren’t meaningful to a segment of our student population; not all of our students earn honors diplomas or take AP classes or take CCP classes,” Mollenkopf continued. “While I certainly understand that testing accountability is important, I think it’s more crucial to remember that parts of the LRC represent just a ‘snapshot’ in time, and a lot of the truly meaningful and wonderful things that happen within our school district, or any of the school districts in our county for that matter, cannot be measured quantitatively and then presented on any of our Local Report Cards. What’s really important is that we are providing quality instruction - rigorous instruction – that’s preparing students for their futures. When I walk into classrooms in our school building and listen to the learning that is occurring, I am more than confident that our teachers are invested in our students.”

Other area schools such as Wayne Trace Local Schools received a C in achievement, with an F in indicators met, an A in gap closing, a C in K-3 literacy, a B in progress, an A in graduation rate, and an F in prepared for success.

Parkway Local Schools received a C in achievement with a D in indicators met, an A for gap closing, a B for K-3 literacy, a D for progress, a B for graduation rate and a D for prepared for success.