VAN WERT – Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach announced the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office will sell dog licenses to the general public, Van Wert County residents only, during specific times of the year.

This allows citizens a location to purchase a dog license, in addition to the Van Wert County Auditor’s Office. The sale of dog licenses for people who get a new dog, will begin on Feb. 1, and will continue to be sold at the Sheriff’s Office during the year until such time the Van Wert County Auditor determines it is time to stop dog license sales, typically at some point in the month of November. Dog licenses will be available for sale 24 hours a day at the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Riggenbach said the cost of a 1-year dog license is currently $15. The Sheriff’s Office will only sell the 1-year dog license. The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office will accept payment in the form of cash or check. If a citizen wishes to pay for their dog license with a check, the check must be made out to Van Wert County Auditor, Nancy Dixon.

Sheriff Riggenbach stated a dog license is required for every person who owns, keeps, or harbors a dog more than three months of age. Ohio Revised Code Section 955.01(B) states that if the application for registration is not filed and the registration fee paid, on or before the 31st day of the applicable January of each year or, if the board of county commissioners by resolution has extended the date to a date later than the 31st day of January, the date established by the board, the auditor shall assess a penalty in an amount equal to the registration fee for one year upon the owner, keeper, or harborer, which shall be paid with the registration fee.

Citizens who did not buy a 2018 dog license for their current dog(s) can buy their 2018 dog license(s) at the Sheriff’s and will be required to pay the penalty of $15, per license, at the time they buy their 2018 dog license(s). This is the same procedure as if the citizen were to go to the Van Wert County Auditor’s Office to buy their dog license(s).

Sheriff Riggenbach advised that part of the duties performed by the dog warden includes conducting dog license enforcement throughout Van Wert County. Sheriff Riggenbach encourages everyone who has a dog over 3 months of age, to obtain their 2018 dog license.