VAN WERT – The challenge of “Rivals United Week” between Lincolnview and Crestview will include a fundraising opportunity at Brewed Expressions Cafe in downtown Van Wert on Thursday and Friday.

During those two days, special lattes representing each school will be available to purchase to help the money-raising efforts of each school toward this year’s United Way fundraising efforts. A portion of the drink sales will benefit Rivals United fundraising.

A special combination chocolate, shortbread, and caramel drink will be available for Knight students and friends while Lancer fans will be able to purchase a chocolate, caramel, and coconut latte.

In addition, “Flour Loves Sugar” will be on hand to sell “Lancer” and “Knight” cookies with proceeds going to the Rivals United challenge as well. Lattes and cookies can be purchased at both the Main Street cafe and the Washington Street drive-thru locations, said Vicki Smith, executive director for the local United Way.

Brewed Expressions employees noted their enthusiasm for having the opportunity to participate in the Rivals United event.

Smith said that this year’s “Social Media Challenge” between the two schools this past Monday was overwhelmingly successful. She noted that Lincolnview won the Social Media Challenge in a tight war of Facebook “Likes,” “Shares,” and “Comments,” with a combined total of 1,188 hits on their social media site.

Crestview was close, said, Smith, with a total of 1,096, responses. She noted that over the day, the United Way site had a total of 27,000 responses.

“We wanted people to see and read our site, but we never dreamed there would be responses like this,” said Smith. “One of the main reasons for this part of it was to get our message out to the community, especially those who have never seen our web site.”

As of Wednesday noon, so far, Lincolnview held a slight lead in totals with $10,579 collected so far and Crestview bringing in $6,681 to this point, said Smith. That makes for a total through Wednesday morning of $17,261.

“That is great success to this point,” said Smith. “We have some of the biggest fundraisers coming, yet.”

Thursday night will be the traditional Crestview-Lincolnview girls’ game at 6 p.m. at Crestview. Other activities over the course of the evening will be the tailgate party, granny shoot out, dodgeball tournament and “dash for cash.”

Friday night’s boys’ game and “wrap up” will be held at Lincolnview and will include a donut-eating contest and “dash for cash.”

In addition, each school continues to have their own daily fund-raisers towards the event.