Jayden Black’s “A Small Town Christmas” releases on Nov. 9, 2018. (Photo submitted)
Jayden Black’s “A Small Town Christmas” releases on Nov. 9, 2018. (Photo submitted)

WILLSHIRE – Willshire native Jayden Black is highlighting his love for a small town in his second Christmas album “A Small Town Christmas” which is set to release this Friday, Nov. 9.

“This one is a bit smaller but a lot more professional than my first one,” said Black of his album. “I titled it ‘A Small Town Christmas’ because I’m from Willshire, a small town, and it’s got a different feeling than the first one.”

The album features traditional Christmas songs like “Silent Night” and other songs Black grew up listening to as a child. It also features one original Christmas song written by Black.

“Everyone has songs that they listened to growing up as a child and I did my own renditions to these songs and made them my own and special,” said Black. “People will hear it and say, ‘Oh that’s different.”

Christmas has always been special for Black as he enjoys the cheery environment that surrounds the holiday.

“I’m a very festive person and I like to give to people,” said Black. “Christmas is usually a happy time and a fun time in people’s lives. It’s good to see people happy and joyous.”

Black recorded this album, as well as his last, “Memories,” which released in 2017, professionally in Fort Wayne. The album features stacked harmonies, vocal layering, which Black said took a little longer record.

Black is a Parkway graduate and currently attends Ohio State University for botany/horticulture. While Black would love to make a career out of music, he is content with it being an exciting hobby for him.

“I think that music will always be a very close thing to me,” said Black. “It will always be a hobby for me.”

Those interested in purchasing Black’s album, “A Small Town Christmas,” can do so by downloading it on YouTube, iTunes, or Spotify starting on Nov. 9.

The album will also be available for physical purchase at Willshire Home Furnishings in Willshire during the Willshire Home Furnishings Open House on Nov. 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CD’s can be purchased for $10 and Black will be present during the Open House to sign the albums.