Karl and Isabelle Schumm
Karl and Isabelle Schumm
Times Bulletin Staff report

CONVOY - For more than 73 years, Karl and Isabelle Schumm have lived as man and wife. The couple who live near Convoy were recently recognized as the Ohio winners in the Longest Married Couple search, sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

The Schumms were married on Jan. 22, 1938 at the St. Thomas Lutheran Church near Ohio City.

Couples from all 50 states were nominated in the project. A total of 312 entries were submitted, three of which nominated couples married 80 years or longer. Another 100 couples nominated have been married for 70-79 years.

Karl Schumm, 97, and Isabelle Schumm, 95, have four children, as well as 8 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. They received special recognition from Worldwide Marriage Encounter over Valentine's Day weekend.

The longest married couple in the United States, based on the nominations submitted, is Marshall and Winnie Kuykendall of Lordsburg, New Mexico. The Kuykendalls celebrated their 82nd anniversary on Valentine's Day.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter, the original faith based marriage enrichment program in this country, focuses on communication between husbands and wives and on making good marriages better.