Gabrielle Emerick
Gabrielle Emerick

CONVOY – Music is the name of the journey for Crestview senior Gabrielle Emerick, who will be representing her high school in the annual Peony Pageant in April. Emerick, whose life is immersed in various forms of musical expression, credits high school music teacher Danielle Hancock for her continued pursuit of a musical career at Bowling Green State University this fall.

“I want to be a music teacher in vocal,” said Emerick, who will pursue a double major in musical education and musical theater at BGSU. “My teacher (Hancock) has had a big impact on me. I said to myself, ‘why don’t I share the love of music to younger kids?’

“I used to be very inward. Mrs. Hancock helped me put myself out there. Now that I’ve learned to be myself; I like to use music for the betterment of other people,” noted Emerick.

Emerick said that not everyone in the musical field encouraged her to go into teaching, especially men teachers.

“I have been in a position to go to colleges and talk to professors and certain ones told me that women can be too low on the totem pole to teach music,” said Emerick.“When I see Mrs. Hancock, I always say, ‘she doesn’t say no.’ To see her work like she does with Night Vision and chorus, really inspires me. All that I have learned in classes that I’ve had with her makes me want to teach others.

“She always pushed me to think better of myself,” continued Emerick. “My biggest critique is myself.”

Emerick said that she struggles considerably with anxiety and expression of herself. She noted that music is her release.

“A lot of kids are stressed these days with all that is going on out there,” observed Emerick. “You hear of all types of things going on in school, with their friends and at home with their families.

“I want to be the kind of music teacher that lets kids express themselves through music,” continued Emerick.

Emerick said that much of her stress has come from concern over a rare disorder that nearly took her mother’s life when she (Emerick) was four-years-old.

“My sister and I are 11 years apart,” said Emerick. “We always did something with music to try to encourage our mother. We listen to a lot of Christian music around our place. “

Emerick and her parents, Greg and Madelin Emerick, currently are involved in the White Horse Biker Church.

“I plan to get a minister’s license and combine that with my music degrees,” said Emerick. “I feel like God has put that in my path.”