Emily Lichtle, Alecta Baxter, and Chloe Nielsen
Emily Lichtle, Alecta Baxter, and Chloe Nielsen

VAN WERT – The 12th annual Ohio Has Talent is just around the corner and dance trio Alecta Baxter, Emily Lichtle, and Chloe Nielsen have been practicing their dance routine to make sure it is perfect in time for the Feb. 23 show.

The girls, all from Crestview Elementary, dance at Kim Hohman’s DanceWorks.

“Kim suggested [Ohio Has Talent] to us,” said Lichtle, who is 11 years old and has been dancing since she was two. “We all wanted to do it because it is a great opportunity.”

The trio will be performing a musical theatre jazz act called Coffee in a Cardboard Cup.

“We’re acting like we are in a coffee shop and we’re getting rushed,” said Nielsen, who is also 11 and has also been dancing since age two. “We’re supposed to act mad and rushed because we need our coffee and we don’t have it.”

The girls each said they enjoy dancing at Kim Hohman’s.

“Dance is like our family, and we’re allowed to spread our feelings to each other,” said Baxter, age nine, who has been dancing for five years. “It’s really fun to do.”

“If you have something going on at school and it’s really bothering you, here at dance you don’t have to think about it, and you can just be yourself,” added Lichtle.

Lichtle said that she and the other girls were a little nervous when auditioning for Ohio Has Talent, but they are excited to get an opportunity to perform in front of everyone.

“I’m most excited to show the judges what we can do,” said Nielsen. “I can’t wait to see if we get placed first, second, or third.”

“I’m excited to show my family because for trios, solos, and duos, we don’t really get to show them at recital, but we get to show them at competition,” stated Litchtle.

“I’m excited for everyone to watch us and enjoy watching us,” added Baxter.

The trio started practicing their routine in October and will be using it after Ohio Hast Talent for dance competition in March. The girls have been practicing weekly and are excited to show off their hard work at this year’s Ohio Has Talent competition.

Ohio Has Talent is set for Feb. 23, 2019, at 7 p.m. at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased at www.npacvw.org. Proceeds from the show benefit the Community Health Professionals Hospice Patient Care Fund. This year, contestants will be competing for cash prizes which are determined by the audience. First place will receive $1,000, second will receive $500, and third will receive $250.