Lillian Hempfling
Lillian Hempfling

VAN WERT – Being raised on a dairy farm and working on projects at the Van Wert County Fairgrounds is only part of the hard-working ethics of Delphos St. Johns junior Lillian Hempfling.

In addition to multiple shows at the fair, Hempfling will be seen along the sidelines this fall as a cheerleader for Delphos St. Johns High School.

Hempfling, who grew up on the Hempfling Dairy Farm, is the daughter of Chuck and Sue Hempfling. She is a member of the Udder Dairy 4-H Club and helps with the Milk Mustache event in the fair’s dairy department. She has helped with landscaping and painting around the dairy barn.

In raising and showing livestock at the fair, she has learned responsibilities and challenges such as how to be a good showman and sportsman and how to work hard.

Her favorite part of raising dairy animals is training and prepping them for show. With goats, she likes watching them grow.

“Some years winning grand champion was the best feeling and reward for hard work,” said Hempfling.

This is Hempfling’s seventh year in 4-H and her seventh year of showing dairy. She also shows turkeys and goats.

“I grew up on a dairy farm. My older siblings have done goats,” said Hempfling. “Raising turkeys is an easy project.”

“There are different ways of raising each project,” continued Hempfling. “It’s important to train the cows at home and walk them. Proper feeding and giving the right feed is also important as well as grooming and cleaning. Feeding is a learning process; it took me a while to get the right feed.”

“All there is to turkeys is feeding them and watching them grow,” added Hempfling. “Goats are like a cow in that you have to walk them and clean them.”

This year, there are nearly a record number of goats in the goat barn. Hempfling said she believes that is happening because people realize that goats are a pretty simple project.

At Delphos St. John, Hempfling enjoys cheerleading and is also a member of the student council. In addition, she is a server during mass at St. John’s Catholic Church.

“I love cheerleading,” said Hempfling. “My sisters cheered. I think it’s a great way of making people happy.”

Following high school, Hempfling would like to attend Ohio State University and go into anesthesiology.

“I like science,” said Hempfling. “I like doing all I can helping people and doing what I can to help them be healthy.”