Dalton Yenser
Dalton Yenser

VAN WERT – Unlike many children, the thought of being a fireman was the last thing on Dalton Yenser’s mind when he grew up. In fact, he had one thing in mind and that was being a farmer. These days, Yenser says that he loves being a fireman/EMS worker and refers to it as the “best job in the world.” Besides that, he is also into farming.

“To be able to see people on their worst day and be able to help them in some way is a good feeling,” said Yenser. “We do the best that we can to relieve them of their hurt.”

Yenser began his professional career as a welder at Unverferth Manufacturing in Delphos.

“I started as a volunteer fireman at the Middle Point Fire Department where I live now,” said Yenser. “I also started serving as a fireman in Van Wert. A lot of people work here (Van Wert) and volunteer there."

“A good friend, Austin Miller, asked me to ride with him,” continued Yenser. “I thought it was really cool and so I started to school for all fire stuff. I started out on the fire side but most firemen these days also work EMS.”

Yenser started serving as a reserve fireman in 2014 and became full-time in 2015. He then went to college for serving as a paramedic at Rhoades State in Lima. It was there where he met his wife (to be at the time), Staci, who now works as an Emergency Room nurse in Van Wert.

“Her professional skills are a real advantage because she understands my job and I understand hers,” said Yenser. “I occasionally get to see her at the hospital when I’m on a run.”

“I love the guys that I work with. It’s like all one family, two families, my home family and my work family,” noted Yenser. “It’s like we live here 10 days out of each month. We have a kitchen upstairs and everything. We work 10 24 hour shifts per month. We work 24 hours and then have 48 hours off.”

Almost every day, at some point, Yenser works off duty, depending how many calls come in during a short period of time. He noted that last week during a seven and a half hour period, there were 12 emergencies. In another two-hour period, they received nine calls.

Yenser noted that there are 19-firefighters and seven reserved on the Van Wert Fire Department. The maximum number of firefighters on a shift is six and the minimum is four.

“We are a well-oiled machine,” said Yenser. “I am mindful that a lot of people look up to us, kids, adults and lots of other people. It’s important that day in and day out we are in good standing with the community.”