Amanda England
Amanda England

VAN WERT – When Amanda England took the responsibility of being a lead teacher in Room 103 at the Wee Care Day Care Center in 2005, she was living out a lifelong dream of working with children and helping them mature through early childhood.

Through the creation of various activities, England helps children a year-old through 18-months as they learn to talk, say words, learn to start walking, drink from a cup and use utensils.

“This time period is the beginning of everything in life for them,” said England. “It’s a matter of meeting their needs and helping them to grow. Sometimes they’re still in bottles and are just starting to eat table food. It is a very foundational time in their lives.

“I sit and play with them and encourage them to put blocks in a box,” continued England. “They learn how to fill things up and dump things out. They love books or one-word pictures. They really like it when we ready to them. The thing they like the most is finger painting. They like stickers and anything that keeps them busy, all types of fine motor things.”

England said that the day’s activities also involve snacks, diaper changes and other physical needs.

“Sometimes there is one person on the floor while someone else is meeting their physical needs otherwise,” noted England.

“I have always loved children; it started with babysitting, especially my cousins and children in the neighborhood,” continued England. “I love it, I love the environment and the kids. I took child development at Vantage. I worked with toddlers when I first started here.”

England was raised in the Scott/Grover Hill area and graduated from Wayne Trace High School in 2003. She then attended Northwest State and received an associates’ degree in early childhood. She did a project in junior high on early childhood.

“For as long as I remember, I played with baby dolls,” said England.

Her husband, Ryan England, a Parkway graduate, is an auto tech at Lee Kinstle. England said that she met him through a close friend.

“We love to go to eastern Ohio every year and camp and enjoy the simple life in the Amish country,” said England. “It is such a treat. It is such beautiful countryside; we love to go there and relax. Everything there is slow-paced.”