Austin Sheets preparing to collect cash at basketball game. (DHI Media/Jim Langham)
Austin Sheets preparing to collect cash at basketball game. (DHI Media/Jim Langham)

VAN WERT – There’s nothing that means more to Crestview High School student Austin Sheets than to volunteer his time and energy for the good of another.

Most recently, Sheets spent an entire week assisting and volunteering for the annual United Way competition between students at Lincolnview High School and Crestview High School.

During that week, Sheets supported the FFA fundraiser between the two schools. Thursday evening he worked the scorebook in the girls’ varsity game between the two schools, worked at the tailgate party between the two schools and Friday night he helped count money and do the “Dash for Cash” as a final fundraiser.

In the end, Sheets led his classmates in joining together with Lincolnview students to raise over $33,000 toward the United Way cause.

Sheets noted that he doesn’t plan to slack in his efforts following high school graduation. Upon graduation, he hopes to serve his country by joining up with the United States Air Force Academy.

In the school, Sheets is a member of the school’s show choir “Night Vision,” and assists with various activities of the Student Council.

In 4-H, he carries on the tradition of the McCoy family by spending much of his time showing dairy and joining the rest of the family at their “family spot” where McCoys have gathered in the back of the Dairy Barn for many years. He also serves as a member of the Junior Fair Board.

“That place where our family meets has been my favorite place for many years,” said Sheets. “That spot in the Dairy Barn brings back a lot of memories. We’ve had a lot of good times there.”

Sheets said that his bent for volunteering started when he entered high school and has continued ever since.

“This all makes me proud of myself as much as I can,” said Sheets. “I love being a leader in school. It makes me feel very good about myself. Being a good role model to the younger kids is very important to me.”

Other activities for Sheets include managing the high school football team, doing box score for the school’s varsity basketball team, volunteering for the National Honor Society and teaching Sunday School at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

“I love teaching fifth grade class every Wednesday for Christ’s kids,” said Sheets. “I also help with the youth group.”

Sheets scratches his head when he tries to recall any other assistance provided.

“Well, sometimes I’m the sound man upstairs, and once in a while I play the piano,” continued Sheets.