Megan Lunsford
Megan Lunsford

VAN WERT – For Van Wert graduate Megan Lunsford (2010), finding satisfaction in serving others with needs in the medical world has been a natural way of life. Her grandma was a nurse’s aide as was her aunt.

“A lot of people in our family were in the medical field. I grew up around it. We have always been a very compassionate family,” said Lunsford.

Lunsford started focusing on a college nursing degree but she put that on hold following the birth of their first daughter, Jetta. She and her husband, TJ, had two other children, Prudence and Guinevere.

Eventually, she landed a nurse’s aide job with Van Wert Manor, a responsibility she dearly fell in love with through her compassionate connections with her fellow staff members and the residents there.

“You really come to appreciate them and feel connected to the residents,” said Lunsford. “It becomes like one big family.”

Still, when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to shift her career site to CHP Adult Day Care Center.

“I loved the residents and the staff at Van Wert Manor. I really loved the way they told their life stories. Some of them really got to me,” observed Lunsford. “I have always had a heart full of compassion for those around me. The same is true of the ones that are here.”

Lunsford laughed when she told about some of the games she played with guests of the Adult Day Care. She admitted that she doesn’t begin to understand some of the card games and other games that they play.

“I don’t really care for a lot of the card games and don’t understand how you play them,” chuckled Lunsford. “But I enjoy the experience of being with those that are enjoying the games. Sometimes I think that some of the plays I make are funny. At least they think so.”

Lunsford enjoys making crafts and cooking and baking. “Many of them really enjoy the baking,” said Lunsford. “We have a lot of fun cooking together.”

Currently, Lunsford is working with residents in preparing exhibits for the upcoming Health Professionals’ Christmas Bazaar.

“Many families with aging or disabled loved ones find themselves in need of additional assistance. That’s why our staff is here,” commented Lunsford. “Community Health Professionals Adult Day Care Centers provide a variety of health, social and support services during weekday hours.

“As was the case in other ‘helping situations’ where I was employed before, I have becoming attached to these people here," she added. "My heart is filled with compassion for them.”