Ashley Kindle
Ashley Kindle

VAN WERT – Wayne Trace graduate Ashley Kindle has always had what she refers to as a, “caretaker mentality.”

“One thing I always wanted to do was to go with a service team on some type of a mission trip,” said Kindle. “I was able to go to Africa through Youth for Christ to be on a medical team. I did a lot with the nurse there. It was then that I realized that nursing was a solid field to go into.”

Initially she went to St. Clair Community College, as did her husband, Bill, in preparation to become an info tech. The two actually met while working at Walmart on Harding Highway in the Lima area.

Eventually, through employment opportunities, the couple moved to the Dayton area. There, at Sinclair College, Kindle received an associates’ degree to become a registered nurse.

For 10 years, Kindle worked in Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Then, two and a half years ago, thanks to a work opportunity, they moved back to Van Wert and she began working in the emergency room at Van Wert County Hospital. They also have a son named, “Liam.”

“This (working in an emergency room) is so fulfilling,” said Kindle enthusiastically. “We take care of such a wide range of people from the infant to the elderly. You have to think of each immediate need and think quickly. Each situation is different and you have to react exactly to the needs of that individual that has come to the ER.

“When you are in that moment you are trained to step back and think quickly,” continued Kindle. “We all depend on each other. I love my co-workers; we are a very good team. We all work together. I like the variety of people I can treat and be there for.”

Kindle prefers working in a small hospital versus a large metropolitan hospital. She likes the personal atmosphere and the way small-town people interact.

These days, Kindle has especially been called upon to give attention to many situations related to the current cold snap, particularly falls. In addition, she noted that cases of flu are starting to gradually increase.

“People really have to watch their surroundings,” said Kindle concerning the increase in falling accidents. “Make sure that you have good shoes that help give you good grip. Make sure you have what you need in your car.

“One of the important things during this kind of weather is looking out for the elderly. Keep track of an elderly neighbor or adopt some elderly person you can keep track of each day,” continued Kindle.

“There are so many aspects of this job that I didn’t expect,” added Kindle. “I enjoy every single day. I love coming into work and being here for the needs of those that come.”