Cheyenne Pohlman
Cheyenne Pohlman

MIDDLE POINT – Lincolnview eighth grader Cheyenne Pohlman was overwhelmed recently when she learned that she was listed in the top five, regionally, in the gold division of the Scholastic Writing Arts Award, a national contest developed regionally and nationally for students in grades seven through 12.

“I wrote a story for it,” said Pohlman. “It was a murder mystery about a high school couple and what happened. I didn’t want it to be any everyday thing. It’s about what went wrong between them, something completely different than we would speculate.”

Pohlman used the word, “philophobia,” in describing the mystique of the relationship.

“It’s about the fear of loving someone. It really doesn’t affect you until you get into the relationship,” said Pohlman. “I wanted to do something different with this story so I decided put it into a high school setting."

“I sent it to Fort Wayne where there were 44 surrounding counties that participated in the award pursuit,” continued Pohlman. “I got it back a couple of weeks later and found out that it had been in the top five of the 44 counties around there.”

As a result these days, Pohlman’s exhibit is hanging on the walls of the Museum of Art in Fort Wayne.

Pohlman said that she has always enjoyed writing for relaxation and cleansing.

“It is so stress relieving for me,” said Pohlman. “When I write, I feel better.”

Actually, Pohlman has developed many hobbies and sports activities to help keep things in balance around her over the last several years. In junior high, she is involved in volleyball and track.

“I like volleyball because it is a team sport that teaches you how to depend on your teammates around you,” said Pohlman. “Track is more self-achieving. It is more individual even though your scores depend on each other, but it gives you a real sense of personal responsibility.”

In addition, she is in band and choir and has enough time left to study on an honor level academically.

Pohlman, the daughter of Lianne and Wade Pohlman, looks to her future in possible terms of journalism or forensics.

“I love the challenge of this contest,” said Pohlman. “I submitted last year and ended up in the silver category. This year I ended up in the gold category. I enjoy this because it can lead to scholarship opportunities.”