Justin Hoersten
Justin Hoersten

VAN WERT – Van Wert High School freshman Justin Hoersten is in his fifth year of bringing pigs to the Van Wert County Fair. In addition this year, he is also a member of the Junior Fair Board, his first time of performing that service.

Hoersten said that his interest in showing pigs for 4-H peaked after his family got into working with swine through their business, “Hoersten and Son Show Pigs.”

“We raise, show them, and keep them,” said Hoersten. “Some of them we sell.”

Hoersten was in elementary school when he became involved with 4-H. This year he took three pigs to the fair, Razz, Charlotte and Buddy.

“I enjoy them because I have a lot of fun with them,” said Hoersten. “They can be kind of stubborn. Sometimes they don’t like to do much. They just like to lay down and sleep.

“I started taking care of these when they were babies,” continued Hoersten. “It takes time and is a lot of hard work. I have to make sure that their water is working and I walk them 30 to 40 minutes a day, plus feed them.”

Hoersten said that because he lives close to town, the pigs are kept on the farm in the country. He goes out there every day and takes care of them.

Some of his achievements include showing a grand champion gilt during his second year of showing in 2016. He received a third place in 2015. So far this year, he has achieved a second place.

Hoersten said he enjoys coming to the fair because he likes to ride carnival rides and play games.

One of the most meaningful parts of the fairs is that his grandparents stay at the fair.

“I love to hang out with them and hang out with my family,” observed Hoersten, a member of the Farmtastic 4-H Club in Van Wert.

At Van Wert High School, he enjoys playing baseball, basketball and having fun playing with his friends.

As a member of the Junior Fair Board, he has been responsible for assisting in working around the fairgrounds and setting up things for the fair.

“I enjoy working with the other Fair Board members in getting things done around here,” said Hoersten. “I like seeing what all we have done when it is completed.”

Hoersten said that even though a lot of work is behind the scenes, there is a sense of satisfaction in completing the taste.