ADAMS COUNTY, Ind. – Two separate study committees are examining the possibility of a “Recovery House” in neighboring Adams County, Indiana. The purpose of such an entity would be to shelter, instruct and rehabilitate those dealing with drug and alcohol problems.

Both a direct committee and the ongoing Drug Free Adams County group continue to deepen the exploration of possibly locating a recovery house to serve the Adams County area.

The committee has recently spent time examining the Oxford House model of such a home. At its Jan. 23 meeting, several members advocated expanding that study to include the “Serenity House” model.

Serenity House, Inc. operates alcohol and drug abuse residential recovery homes in northeast Indiana. The organization was founded in 1994 and opened its first recovery house in 1995, thanks to the generosity of several anonymous and public donors. Today, there are two homes for women and one for men.

Over the years Serenity House has developed a model that has become the model for all 12-step programs.

All Serenity House facilities resources are dedicated to the concept that, with the help of other recovering people, men and women can achieve lasting sobriety with a quality of life never imagined possible.

In contrast, the Oxford House is a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-supporting and drug-free home. Those within the home select officers and form their own special government to carry out the work of the home.

The number of residents per house may range from six to 15. There are different houses for men, houses for women and houses which accept women and children. Each house represents an effective and low-cost method of preventing relapse.

Danielle Reed, vice president of Drug Free, said that one concern of connecting with the Oxford model is the requirement that the local community provides transportation for the residents.

At this point, there is no public transportation for such a connection in the local area.

“With the Serenity House, we have to purchase the property, and they will run it,” said Kelly Sickafoose, executive director of Drug-Free Adams County. “If we work through Serenity House, we will own the property. In the case of Oxford House, we will utilize their property.”

Several members requested that discussion continue at the next meeting, especially with regards to Serenity House.

Sickafoose said that the next Recovery House meeting will take place at noon Feb. 12 at the hospital.

The next Drug Free Adams County Meeting will occur on Feb. 27 at noon, also at the hospital in the Monroe Room.