Van Wert saw cloudy conditions and a bit of rain on Tuesday afternoon. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)
Van Wert saw cloudy conditions and a bit of rain on Tuesday afternoon. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)

VAN WERT – Weather specialist Rick McCoy took a sigh and chuckled on Tuesday afternoon and said, “see what I know.”

McCoy was referring to the guessing game that a meandering front is causing weather specialists over the past few days.

“I thought for sure we were going to get an inch or two of rain over the weekend and we didn’t really get anything,” said McCoy. “North of Fort Wayne and in northwest Ohio, farmers were counting rain by the inches. There were several reports of two to four inches of rain in that area.”

The drier period has benefited many area farmers as most corn, and 90 percent of the beans are now estimated to be in the ground. Now, many area farmers are waiting for a soaking rain to give a drink to the seeds.

McCoy said that the La Nina which had influenced much of the weather over the winter has finally faded and we are currently in a “neutral” weather pattern. He noted, however, that National Weather Service personnel are referring to the potential of an El Nino building back for next winter.

Currently, the Weather Service is predicting temperatures above normal over much of the country for the rest of May as summer conditions continue to make a bid in the local area. Rainfall for the rest of the month is predicted to be close to normal. Average highs are predicted to be 78 degrees by June 1 and 85 degrees by July 1, the warmest month of the year.

National Weather Service officials in Syracuse are predicting dry weather with temperatures in the upper 70’s through Friday and into Saturday. The next possibility of any substantial rain is Sunday night and Monday morning when another front passes through, followed by dry and clear weather for the first several days of next week.

“That’s the plan,” said McCoy. “However, the meandering front could change those conditions at any time. A variance of a few miles either way can totally change the weather at any given moment. Currently, the rain is expected to stay south over the next few days.”