Keith J. LaFountain II(photo courtesy
Keith J. LaFountain II

(photo courtesy
EDGERTON, Ohio - A Rockford man was killed on the construction site of the new Edgerton Elementary School on Wednesday.

Keith J. LaFountain II, 18, was killed when a 12-foot high cinder block wall blew over on top of him on the second floor of the school structure. The National Weather Service labeled the wind a micro-burst that was originally part of a much larger storm. The storm cell actually split into two fronts with one going to Edgerton and another heading southeast. That part of the storm killed two workers at an Ohio Fresh Eggs site outside Johnstown, Ohio, where a barn collapsed on them.

LaFountain was working for Hoffman Construction out of Ft. Wayne, IN. Hoffman was one of the companies working on the new elementary school which was phase two of a building plan. Much like Van Wert City Schools, Edgerton had paid to build their high school a few years ago with the Ohio School Facilities Commission agreeing to pick up the cost of the elementary school when Edgerton's turn arrived.

In 2008, Edgerton was chosen to receive a new school, however, by then their student census had fallen below 350 students so the OSFC would not agree to build them a second building. For Edgerton to receive the new school, they had to attach it to the existing high school. The school's property is landlocked so Edgerton was required to build at least some of the structure as a second story, both over existing buildings and where nothing was built before. LaFountain was killed in a section of the new building where no previous structure had stood.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials said they had a team on the site after the accident. Although no site report has been released, the site was reopened on Thursday and construction crews were back to work.

LaFountain's service times and visitation hours can be seen on page A2 of today's edition of the Times Bulletin or online at on the obituary page.